5 Reasons to Visit Dartmouth this Summer

5 Reasons to Visit Dartmouth this Summer

We really do love Dartmouth here at Bert & Buoy! Why, you may ask? Well, it’s where we launched Bert & Buoy with a humble pop-up at the Port of Dartmouth Royal Regatta and, from this, developed a deep and long lasting connection with this enchanting town.

After coming across the old fishmongers at 24 Fairfax Place we were instantly compelled to renovate it - using repurposed boat parts and locally recycled materials - turning it into a uniquely nautical shopping experience. Dartmouth holds a special place in our heart and the thought of all the fun that lies ahead for our flagship store makes us a little giddy!  

There is so much to boast of when it comes to Dartmouth. Not only is it situated on the breath-taking River Dart, but it also abounds with spectacular shops, delicious food and drink and an array of activities that the entire family will delight in. There really is a lot to enjoy here, which is why we have put together this helpful lowdown on, what we believe are, the top five reasons to visit Dartmouth this summer.

So pack a bag, grab your keys and get on down to Dartmouth for a British staycation that you will always remember. Oh, and don’t forget to come and say hello to us at our store!

No. 1 Superb, Small Independents

You will be completely taken aback by the incredible independent businesses we have here in Dartmouth. Our small independents, each one different but equally spectacular, create an exceptional, buzzing high street. You could say that; our high street is like a beautiful patchwork quilt with each patch representing one of our unique independents, co-existing and complimenting each other perfectly. 

If you’re looking to revamp your wardrobe, Dartmouth has a range of independent clothing brands that will undoubtedly inspire! One of which is our next door neighbour, JAM Industries, whose clothes perfectly blend surf and city to create a distinctive brand, and represent one of our many independent, unique clothing shops.   

If you feel a bit peckish Dartmouth has a booming food scene with a large selection of independent cafes and restaurants serving the freshest, most delicious food in the South West (if we do say so ourselves, hehe). We recommend spending time in one of Dartmouth’s artisan cafes, such as Alfresco’s, Bula or Woodroast, to enjoy delicious drinks and food made with fresh, local produce. 

When it comes to restaurants you really are spoilt for choice in Dartmouth. Whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can choose between award winning dining or quieter, rustic restaurants – there is something to suit everybody’s taste buds! Our personal family favourites are Rockfish, Kendricks and the multi-award winning Seahorse.

There’s a reason Dartmouth is a renowned, thriving high street and the reason being is it boasts a variety of charming and eclectic shops and eateries. That's why it is so important to shop small and support these independent businesses that offer so much to our communities - it is no wonder we are so proud to be nestled amongst such fantastic, home-grown talent!

No. 2 Stunning Scenery

The scenery in Dartmouth speaks for itself! A breath-taking harbour at the estuary of the River Dart filled with picturesque surroundings, medieval streets and captivating landmarks.

If you want to be really WOWED, we suggest you spend a day soaking up the sun at one of our gorgeous, golden sanded beaches. One of our personal favourites is Sugary Cove, a small and secluded beach at the mouth of the River Dart. We also have Blackpool Sands, Slapton Sands and Torcross Beach on our doorstep – you will be spoilt for choice!

And to really make the most of what Dartmouth offers visually, we recommend one of our many coastal paths to soak it all in. If you’re feeling up for some brisk exercise you can enjoy the views by foot, or, if you would rather sit back and relax, why not have a day out on the Dartmouth Steam Railway, one of the river cruises or by boat to really absorb all the coastlines glory.

No. 3 (Too Many!) Things to Do

Where do we start?! There is so much you can do in Dartmouth throughout the year, including some fantastic events and festivals in the warmer months. If you prefer a more active, adrenaline-filled vacation there are a variety of outdoor activities for all the family, including, walking, cycling and water sports on the beautiful River Dart. On the other hand, if you want a more chilled-out stay, Dartmouth has a range of fantastic attractions, from awe-inspiring museums, galleries and shops, to an array of stunning golden beaches. Oh, and if you really want to experience Dartmouth’s electric atmosphere there are some incredible festivals and events to get involved in, including The Port of Dartmouth Royal Regatta and Dartmouth Food Festival, nom! 

Dartmouth, home to Bert & Buoy

No. 4 Famed Heritage and History

With its prime position at the mouth of the River Dart, it is no wonder Dartmouth has such a famed nautical culture and history. Very little has changed in Dartmouth since its beginning days over 900 years ago, retaining many of its original features, including its magnificent castle and fortress and quite a few architectural wonders and cobbled streets. Dartmouth is also home to Britannia Royal Naval College, the initial officer training establishment for the Royal Navy, and hosts guided tours where you can learn about its fascinating history and present day accomplishments.

Part of Dartmouth’s incredible history is its connection to the iconic Mayflower voyage in 1620 to the New World. To commemorate this voyage, a team of dedicated volunteers set up the Mayflower400 in partnership with twelve other towns across England to celebrate the anniversary whilst also raising awareness to national and international visitors as to why Dartmouth is so fascinating to visit. Don’t worry though, you won’t have to wait another century to get involved in the celebrations again! Mayflower400 has an interactive trail that can be downloaded so that you can learn all about it’s history, phew!

It would be wrong not to mention one of our most famous residents AND the world’s best selling author, Agatha Christie. Her beautiful holiday home, Greenway, is located along the edge of the River Dart and can be accessed by the spectacular Greenway Ferry Company – talk about arriving in style!

Dartmouth art by Bert Fowler

No. 5 Getting inspired

Is it any wonder Dartmouth has been the inspiration behind some of our most recognised artists and creatives, including the prolific Dartmouth Five and our very own Founder and graphic artist, Bert Fowler. With its astounding views and stunning streets, it doesn’t take long to understand why so many have used Dartmouth as their muse. If you want to be inspired, then Dartmouth is calling! Whether you’re looking to snap some great pictures, paint a watercolour masterpiece or create the perfect Instagram grid, there are a variety of locations to get your creative juices flowing. Just a small taster of suggestions includes, Bayard’s Cove, Dartmouth Harbour, Sugary Cove, Foss Street and Dartmouth Castle. And don't forget to check out Bert's Dartmouth collection of art and homeware!


We could go on forever about how utterly enchanting Dartmouth is, but that would take up valuable suitcase packing time! So instead, we recommend coming down to Dartmouth this summer to experience all its wonders and do pop-in to 24 Fairfax Place to say ahoy! 

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