Seasonal Trend Alert: Crustacencore

Seasonal Trend Alert: Crustacencore

This season, crustaceans are adorning tableware, soft furnishings and home decor across the interiors world and of course we're in on this coastal-inspired trend! We're feeling crab-ulous that Bert & Buoy products have recently been featured in The Observer Magazine and The Metro.

So much so we've put together this guide and a special collection to make it super simple to welcome the crustacean trend into your home this summer! Everything has been exclusively designed by Bert - you won't find it anywhere else - and made in the UK with our buy once, buy well ethos! 

Step 1: Add crab-ulous kitchen styling

An easy way to add a dash of crustaceans to your kitchen is to upgrade and co-ordinate your mugs, oven gloves and tea towels with these perfectly patterned crab and shrimp designs. 

Crab mug, Bert & Buoy

Cunning Crab Mug £16

Tea towels, Bert & Buoy
Shrimp oven mitt, Bert & Buoy

Step 2: Shell yeah! Bag these accessories

Take the trend with you wherever you go this summer. We've wash and tote bags perfect for lotions, potions, make up, beach bits, day trips and vacations. Two sizes, ready to! 

Shrimp wash bag, Bert & Buoy

So Shrimp Wash Bags £18 & £28

Crab wash bag, Bert & Buoy

Cunning Crab Wash Bags £18 & £28

Step 3: Crabstract coastal cushion pleasers

The perfect coastal home accessory for your sofa, bed or chair! Featuring a repeat pattern one side and single character on the other, so you can dot and swap as you like throughout your home. 

Crab cushion, Bert & Buoy
Crab cushion, Bert & Buoy
Cunning Crab cushion £45

Step 4: Shrimply the best blanket

Outdoor adventures and cool summer nights need the So Shrimp blanket. Generously sized and super soft. Woven and stitched in small batches with a heritage maker from recycled yarn. 

Shrimp blanket, Bert & Buoy

Step 5: Original, modern coastal art

And because we think this isn't just a trend and coastal living is our life long obsession, here's a little art that has us truly crab-tivated:

Crab coastal art, Bert & Buoy

Cunning Crab Pattern Coastal Art from £60

Shrimp coastal art, Bert & Buoy

So Shrimp Coastal Art from £60

Crab coastal art, Bert & Buoy




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