Introducing Our Newest Addition: The Ultimate in Cosy Comfort!


Indulge in the unparalleled comfort of our latest creation – the cosiest cushion we've ever crafted! Adorned with exclusive artist-designed illustrations and patterns, each piece is meticulously woven in Bert's distinctive line art style. The result? A vibrant, contemporary yet soothing aesthetic.


In yet another splendid collaboration, we bring you a truly British gem: ethically crafted by skilled artisans in Lancashire. These generously sized 55 x 55cm cushions are produced by a family-owned heritage mill, proudly holding the title of the UK's first Soil Association Certified weaving mill.


Every cover is a masterpiece, intricately woven from brushed recycled cotton and impeccably finished with a timeless blanket stitch and envelope closure. Inside, you'll discover a high-quality cushion insert enclosed in a soft cotton case, filled with curled duck feathers for an extra plump and comfort.


Embrace the warmth and snugness by adorning your sofa, bed, or chair with these bright and beautiful cushions. Gift them to someone who needs a hug in a box! For a harmonious home decor ensemble, consider pairing them with Bert's matching Art and Blankets – the epitome of complementary interiors.Elevate your relaxation experience, surround yourself with beauty, and make every moment at home a cosy celebration.