New! Petite Puffin Blue | Large Wood Relief


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New! Petite Puffin Blue | Large Wood Relief
New! Petite Puffin Blue | Large Wood Relief
New! Petite Puffin Blue | Large Wood Relief

Bert Fowler | Petite Puffin Blue
Wood Relief Art |
Limited Edition of 3
74 x 5.5 x 126cm | Natural Wood Frame



Introducing Petite Puffin Blue an exquisite artwork that seamlessly weaves inspiration and craftsmanship into a visual symphony. This captivating piece draws its muse from the beauty of ocean life, encapsulated in the playful form of the Puffin. The artist skilfully glorifies basic structures, channeling the essence of classic wood relief murals with a nod to Scandinavian design influences.

The artwork embraces a structural aesthetic, playing with three-dimensional reliefs that cast shadows and light, creating a mesmerising interplay. Strikingly stripped back, it exudes a calming and modern aura, offering a clean palette that resonates with contemporary sensibilities.

Crafted with meticulous precision, Petite Puffin Blue is cut to exacting shapes and hand sprayed with a matt black paint on a back panel of teal blue. This labour of love is not only a testament to the artist's dedication to depictions of the ocean, but also a homage to his favoured paired back, modern aesthetic.

The natural wood frame is constructed with tray-based moulding and shadow gap, adding further depth and levels to the overall composition. 

Each piece is a unique creation, signed and numbered, ensuring its exclusivity. A conversation between form and function, a fusion of tradition and modernity, inviting you to experience the beauty of simplicity by artist Bert Fowler. 

1-3 weeks from order.
Signed and numbered on reverse, framed and strung ready for display. 


About the artist:

Bert Fowler is a contemporary British artist residing in Devon. His insatiable explorations find a tangible form in his creations - a visual journey inspired by nature, coast and countryside living. His diverse body of work spans screen prints, murals, sculptures, ceramics, and textiles, all stemming from his unwavering curiosity and prolific stream of new ideas. 

National acclaim follows Bert's work, featured and profiled in esteemed publications like The Guardian, Metro, The Observer and Coast Magazine. As he unveils this debut collection of wood relief works, seize the opportunity to discover and cherish the visual allure of Bert's stripped back style.

New! Petite Puffin Blue | Large Wood Relief
New! Petite Puffin Blue | Large Wood Relief
New! Petite Puffin Blue | Large Wood Relief