Discover the story of Bert's blankets

Discover the story of Bert's blankets

Not only are our blankets super soft and generously sized, but they also exclusively feature Bert’s renowned coastal illustrations – luxury at its best, if we do say so ourselves. These aren’t the only reasons they are so loved by our customers though, oh no, these blankets have their own remarkable story to tell!

It is no secret that they were a long time in the making and, as a result, ever so thoughtfully designed which is why they hold such a special place in our hearts here at Bert & Buoy. Did you know, they feature recycled materials which makes them planet friendly? If not, let us take you on a voyage to discover every fascinating treasure these blankets have woven into them. 

Our blankets are meticulously made by a family-owned weaving business based in England that have been working for over 150 years and operate as one of the last remaining traditional cotton weavers in Britain. Not only are they masters of their craft, but they also pride themselves on buy once and buy well which perfectly partners with our ethos here at Bert & Buoy. An ethical production which is made possible by utilising recycled materials that create bespoke, well-crafted products – It’s a match made in heaven!

‘It is a truly joyous moment when we locate a partner that works within the same ethical margins we do here at Bert & Buoy. I was fortunate that my minimal and mathematical style really lent itself to the complex nature of the weaving process. Aligning my modern style with this method of production has created a stunning and totally unique blanket that fits perfectly into our homeware range..’  Bert Fowler – Founder of Bert & Buoy

For anyone who has had the pleasure of cosying up with one of our blankets, you will probably agree with us when we remark, ‘oh wow, they are so snuggly and soft!’ This is because, once woven, the fabric is sent to be hand finished. This involves brushing the fibres two to three times until they are super fluffy. After this, the fabric will go through a cropper, which is sort of like a big lawnmower, where the fluffy fibres will be trimmed to make the blankets beautifully neat and level. The finished roll is then cut into individual throws - our Great Gulls and Dartmouth designs fit perfectly onto a double bed (160cm x 190cm), whilst our new supersized Fishy Union Jack and English Riviera (coming soon) throws will fit a king size bed (160cm x 240cm). They are then finished with a stunning, stitched hem.

‘The classic stitched hem is reminiscent of the blankets I grew up with when I was younger – they were durable and seemed to stand the test of time. We went with this style of finishing to be both practical and in keeping with our brands minimal aesthetic. For practicality, the stitch reduces wearing and fraying along the edge of the blanket, whilst also adding a hand sewn touch that accentuates their chunkiness and draws the eye to the artwork the hem frames.’ Bert Fowler – Founder of Bert & Buoy

Wait, there’s more! We all love doing our bit to help preserve our wonderful planet and our throws are no exception. The yarn travels all the way from Italy to England, once it has been broken down from post-consumer fashion waste. This means less clothes entering landfill whilst also saving on water energy – we think that’s pretty amazing! It’s quite simple really, why create a product from new yarns when you can create an equally stunning recycled one that boasts an incredible story behind it?

Our throws are the gift that keeps on giving. Not only do they showcase our coastal style whilst being both practical and versatile, but they also do their bit to preserve the planet – not too bad, eh? Whether you choose our Great Gulls, Dartmouth, or our new super sized Fishy Union Jack or English Riviera (coming soon), there’s never been a better reason to put your feet up, get cosy, and have a snuggle…or, if you’re feeling a little more intrepid, going on an outdoor adventure or picnic in style.

Whatever you choose to do with your luxurious Bert & Buoy blanket, be sure to get your hands on one before they are gone! They are made in small batches and fly out of our door faster than we can make them! Shop the blankets 

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